Expert knowledge in process development, scale up to commercialization and adaptation of new processes and technologies.

R&D Lab with scientist guided by a doctorate in Organic chemistry with rich experience.

We are capable enough to manufacturing to 1 mg to multi-tone levels with multi step reactions.

Our facility has the following certifications:

  •    ISO 9001:2015 QMS
  •    ISO 14001: 2015 EMS
  •    ISO 45001: 2018 OHASMS


Alchemeco pharma has its current site at Cherlapalli, Hyderabad, this facility situated on a 10000 Sq Ft and is highly resilient for operations.

We have multi-purpose GMP complaint GL reactors capacity of 500 lits. Which is divided into 100 lit, 200 lit & 200 lit.

24 inches Centrifuge machine(GMP),  24 trays air Dryer(GMP) and 6 fume Hoods.

Auto claves capacity 10L, 2L, 100 ML. (Pressure up to 100 bar & Temperature up to 300 °C)

Over 20 people are dedicated to Research & process development and continuous production operations.


Where chemistry is novel, or has no solid precedent, you can take advantage of our rich pool of research experience. We can provide innovative and efficient solutions to a variety of challenging projects including.

  •    Route & process development – to improve troublesome procedures, or to identify the best route for manufacture at scale
  •    Route design and synthesis – of novel analogues of lead molecules for optimization studies

One of our R&D philosophies is to make every product starting from basic raw materials which not only aligns with our vision but it also helps us keep control of critical raw materials which further enables us to provide quality products to our customers.


Alchemeco pharma pvt ltd excels in chemistry of pharmaceutical intermediates. Pharmaceuticals intermediates are chemical compound which form the building blocks of the API. Pharmaceutical intermediates are produced as a by-product during the production of API. During the manufacturing process of API its derived various different pharmaceutical intermediates. Pharmaceutical intermediates are used in the production of bulk drugs and also for R&D purpose by various pharma and biopharma companies.

Products we offered Therapeutics category:

  •    Oncology
  •    Diabetes
  •    Diabetes
  •    Antiviral
  •    Cardiovascular
  •    Antifungal
  •    CNS

Area of serve in manufacturing:

  •    APIs
  •    Advanced intermediates
  •    Key stating material (KSM)
  •    Raw material starting material (RSM)

Note: Some of the products we will not produces commercial quantities due to patent issues.


Alchemeco has experience in all stages of process development from new route scouting to optimization and scale up of existing routes. We developed many alternate routes for existing molecules with low cost & scalable routes for APIs, Complex intermediates and New chemicals entity’s. We bring 100 years of experience cumulatively to every project and deliver fully integrated solutions with an emphasis on quality, speed, and flexibility.

Alchemeco route scouting and route comparison studies to come up with more efficient synthetic route(s) involving reduced number of process steps, less expensive raw materials, safety aspects, etc. This is followed by route familiarization studies to identify the most appropriate one considering the delivery timelines and costs involved.

Our development work ranges from Lab to manufacturing scales and we provide all required analysis and documentation for process validation.

Alchemeco is the right partner for all your Process Development needs.


Our Process Development and Manufacturing Services include:

  •    Optimization of existing synthetic routes
  •    Custom Synthesis from mg to multi-kilogram scale in batch or continuous process
  •    Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE) for process parameterization and optimization
  •    Development of GMP friendly alternative synthetic routes
  •    Development and optimization of purification and isolation methods
  •    Development of intellectual property (IP) protected synthetic routes
  •    Transfer of process into GMP
  •    Troubleshooting


  •    Identification of lead
  •    Synthetic Route development
  •    Feasibility studies
  •    Process Optimization
  •    Scale-up Troubleshooting
  •    Pilot Plant batches
  •    Transfer to Commercial Manufacturing


At current technologies have advanced, the requirement for niche raw materials meeting higher quality specifications has escalated.  Companies have leveraged global supply chains to first access necessary new materials and secondly to do so at competitive cost. Companies have met the challenge to be as efficient as possible, but have suffered the consequence of being too lean, too dependent on a single supplier. Those factors have disrupted customer supply chains and the ability to serve their customers.

Custom synthesis is the process where a molecule is made exclusively for a particular client according to specifications at their scale. It is one of the options available for pharmaceutical companies requiring active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, fine chemicals, reference standards, impurities or metabolites needed to launch their research and development projects. Custom synthesis is essential to the pharmaceutical companies since many of these compounds can sometimes be very difficult to find or hard to synthesize. Custom synthesis provides the platform necessary for clients to accelerate their projects to market.

Our experience in to following synthetic organic chemistry:

  •    Prostaglandins
  •    Vitamins
  •    Complex chemistry
  •    Chiral compounds
  •    Hydrogenation 
  •    Organometallic chemistry
  •    Nucleotide
  •    Amino acid production
  •    API Label compounds & Deuterated compounds.
  •    Fluorescent probes
  •    Photovoltaics & Solar cells
  •    OLED materials
  •    Ozonolysis reaction
  •    Carbohydrate chemistry
  •    Photochemical reaction

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